For the interpreters amongst us


Francesca is a bit dizzy. It has been a long day in the booth and the meeting drags on. Another 15 minutes’ overtime. “A big thank you to the interpreters,” says the chairman. Francesca is already on autopilot. Her 8th hour in the booth is almost over.

Committee weeks have become difficult. Members want to squeeze more and more meetings into fewer and fewer weekdays. Logical, right? But that just doesn’t square with normal working hours. Sometimes you have to sit in the booth for four hours in a row. Between meetings you are still on duty – just in case of last-minute lunchtime negotiations on compromise amendments, for example.

“Ten years ago we were a larger crowd for fewer meetings”, she thinks. Nobody seems to care so long as the job gets done.

Francesca looks at the clock. Looks like she will have to miss the kids’ bedtime – yet again.

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