For the family people amongst us

happy family posiong for camera

Monika is a little late. The usual traffic jam on the motorway from Luxembourg to Arlon. Why on earth did they have to build the second European school right at the other end of the country? But she doesn’t want to complain. Classes were bursting at the seams at the old school and the kids are lucky to get lessons in their own language a thousand miles from home.

Of course, the childcare at the garderie is also a real lifesaver. Both she and her husband work full time and on Wednesdays, she just wouldn’t be able to cope. She has been thinking about part-time, but you end up doing the same job in fewer hours – or taking work home. And the kids are happy at school. So, let’s keep things the way they are.

What Monika does not know is that next week the Heads of State and Government will meet in Brussels to strike a deal on the next EU long term budget. It will be difficult negotiations after the departure of the UK and an easy target for savings will be administrative expenditure. The money for buildings, salaries, pensions and… European schools.

Let us defend your interests. Vote FFPE – list N° 8