Who are we

Welcome at the FFPE - The grown up trade union

We are a group of colleagues who share a common vision: That of an independent, high performance European civil service. We want to make the EP a more motivating, fair and rewarding workplace. We are open to all proposals to improve work organisation and increase job satisfaction. But we are also categorical on the need to reduce the politicisation of the administration.

Our trade union is part of the Federation of European Civil Service, which is represented in all the European institutions and defends our interest as European civil servants since 1962.

This long tradition reflects our values. We believe that social dialogue is better than conflict. And negotiation better than a categorical rejection of new things. Where others spend their time on sending around pamphlets, we like to make constructive proposals instead.

  • For objective selection and appointment procedures and better career perspectives for women.
  • For an honest conflict management system and the prevention of harassment;
  • For a fairer and leaner staff assessment system;
  • For a mobility scheme that does not unnecessarily harm families;
  • For sectoral reforms, be it in the linguistic services or the external offices, that treat the colleagues with respect.